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  • Cybersecurity expert Eugene Kaspersky 

  • Overheard in the Alley: New York’s rise in tech startups
  • Kevin Mitnick’s life as a computer hacker
  • How Roger Linklater and Morgan Spurlock learned to love the web
  • Mashable’s Pete Cashmore at the World Economic Forum
  • R/GA’s Richard Ting on what makes a great mobile app.
  • Paul Bragiel of I/O Ventures on bringing geekdom to Africa
  • IdeaLab CEO Bill Gross at World Economic Forum
  • Congressman Darrell Issa at World Economic Forum
  • BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski
  • TV Guide’s Christy Tanner on Social TV

  • Twitter’s Adam Sharp on how Twitter is reshaping politics
  • Paola Antonelli of MoMA on the Internet of Things
  • Jeff Jarvis: Is technology killing jobs?
  • Dennis Crowley and the evolution of Foursquare
  • Cole Stryker: Who is the hacker collective Anonymous?
  • How We Invented The World

  • News reports


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