Ethics Statement

I have a retirement fund managed by a third party through Ameritrade and I own the following individual stocks: Apple, Alibaba, Twitter, Skyworks and Facebook. I have not covered any of these companies since making those investments, but I had written and done video about them for Reuters at least a year prior to my investments.

I do not accept paid speaking engagements, and I do not accept gifts or products from the companies I cover. I am sometimes asked to speak at conferences where my cost for travel is reimbursed, but I do not accept any other payments for these trips.

Circa is angel funded by a number of individuals. When we report on a company run by someone who is an angel, we disclose that in our story. We are backed by two VC firms: Quotidian Ventures and Lerer-Hippeau Ventures.

My editorial judgement is not influenced by these investors or investments.

I last voted in the 2008 Presidential Election, I voted for Barack Obama. I did not vote in the 2012 election or in the midterm election. I do not affiliate myself with any political party.

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