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Taking My Twitter To Premo

I’ve posted over 170,000 tweets in the 11 years I’ve been on Twitter. I once told the late, great David Carr that it feels like we’re all digital serfs on colonies owned by Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

I’ve decided that it makes more sense to offer what I’ve done for the past decade on Twitter as a subscriber service. I hope to provide enough interesting curation, analysis and direct interaction that you’ll want to offer a few bucks a month (or a flat cost for the year) to receive my posts. If you’ve been a long-time follower, or have just begun to keep up with my updates, you’ll get a sense of what I tend to focus on: a heavy dose of news, occasional deep dives into bigger stories, and random pop culture. I’m very interested in requests, so please send me things you’d like me to cover.

Content will still come in the form of tweets. They’ll show up right in your Twitter feed as usual. To follow the new feed, all you have to do is subscribe at this page. Once the subscription has been processed, you’re in!

I hope you’ll join me over at my new primary feed, I’m genuinely excited to get started.